2012 starts with the completion of my engagements with Teambox and Synup. I am excited to finally have the time to complete the eBook on actionable social business intelligence.

I am extremely excited about how the new plan is coming about and wanted to share a couple of items with you today.

1. You can pre-register for the e-book at http://actionsbi.com.  Bookmark the site after signing up. It will become a blog and a whitepaper repository in all things related to Social Sales and actionSBI.

2. Here is the presentation from our talk at Dreamforce 2011.  http://www.slideshare.net/Salesforce/the-social-sales-revolution If you want to learn more about what we presented, feel free to contact me.

A little teaser; here is an excerpt from the eBook:

Social Business Intelligence (SBI) is the organization of data collected from social networks and web 2.0 utlities. It involves pulling status updates, reviews, tweets, QnA and blog posts/comments that relate to a certain subject or product.

The challenge is not in collecting the data as most networks or their 3rd party application partners will let you collect what you want and store it in a database or data file. The challenges are first knowing what to download, teaching your sales team to properly manage this data and using it to increase sales.

The shift sales people need to make with SBI is that they do not have time to wait for the number crunchers to analyze and make suggestions. SBI happens in real time and if acted upon can mean immediate sales spikes. SBI works from triggers where people or groups of people have started  discussing a problem that an offering solves. It is in the now. It allows sales people to interact both at the right time and the right way.Sales people are not used to managing business intelligence. This is usually the chore of an analyst or administrator who then shares their lessons with managers and executives. This is because most business intelligence is derived from internal barometers that allow us to learn where they find sales success and what methods have worked. It commonly studies wins and losses along with other indicators based on experiences and historical data.

So what is actionable SBI?

It is the alert that you need to get into the social networking mix and the information you need to be relevant to the conversation.

Happy 2012 everyone and get ready to hear from me bunches.


For all of you that were in our session I can only say that the mere fact that no one left the session until 55 minutes in is a credit to Scott Holden and the entire team that put together this session together. We had so much great content that we ran out of time for me to share the section I prepared around Social Business Intelligence.

This is my favorite story of the day, so I felt compelled to share it here and post a link to the Dreamforce App.

The title of this little post:

“How I got my job at Teambox”

It starts with a random search of a social network called You Noodle

You Noodle was supposed to be a social networking site for startups and people that worked with startups. They never built any real features into the system so instead it really morphed into a billboard for startups; and a great way for someone like me to check out new companies.

I was using their version of stumble when I cam across Teambox. This refreshing social way of managing projects and communication excited me. I signed up for a free account and instantly fell in love. I went back to the site and found the founder, Pablo Villalba.

Next step? I found him on Twitter and read his feed. It opened the door to his thoughts on Basecamp. We share a displeasure for their bad UI. Then I read some of his blog posts and learned about his involvement on Github for open source utilities. All of these things resonated with my personal tastes and I realized that there may be a fit. So, I added him on LinkedIn and sent him a note that I wanted to connect.

He connected with me on Skype. We started to chat. I was at this point prepared.

What I knew before ever talking to him.

1.  He did not like Basecamp.

2. He is into open source projects.

3. He is young and energetic.

4. He is an aerospace engineer.

5. He loved the startup world.

6. They just went live with their paid offering the month prior.

7. They did not have a sales team.

All of this allowed me to manage our conversation by highlighting relevant information and my own expertise. I knew what he needed even more that he did. He needed me.

A week after our first conversation I started working with Teambox and 16 months later, I have no regrets. It was the right move at the right time for all of us. Without some Social Business Intelligence, I may have never figured any of this out or presented it to Pablo in a way that compelled him to bring me on. It was what I knew that sealed the deal. What I knew was readily available online. I just had to know where to look. Pablo showed me without ever knowing.

Well they call it the social enterprise and it is a tomayto-tomahto kind of thing in my book. Teambox has been talking about the hybrid of productivity tools and best practices in social networking for a couple years now and with the big push this year at Dreamforce, Salesforce is taking their billions and putting it on a bet they call the Social Enterprise.

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Man it has been a while since I took type to wordpress and cranked out a post for the might Sales Evangelist blog. Being Collaboration 001 for Teambox, the online collaboration project software that is changing the way the world works, has kept me extremely busy. It is not that I stopped writing, on the contrary, I am busily writing news letters and posts for the Teambox blog. The world of online collaboration is a frontier that requires immense focus to navigate. Especially if you want to maintain relevance and stay in front of the early adopters.

Well, it was only a matter of time before the world of online collaboration landed me right back in the seat of evangelizing to the sales community. At the end of the month I will be presenting at Dreamforce. The topic? The social sales revolution. Sound familiar?

We will be broaching into practices that will immediately improve the pipelines of the sales people that employ them. Most of what I intend to discuss is S.B.I., social business intelligence. I want to spend some time over the next few weeks sharing here about one of those subjects.

Social Listening

My signal on the blog these days is probably pretty weak, so instead of opening the discussion by asking my audience (hello, hello, hello…) to tell me what they think Social Listening is, I will start off the party by telling you what I think it means to listen to the social networks fury.

1. Pay attention to people asking about your brand.

2. Pay attention to the people asking about your industry.

3. Pay attention to the people asking about problems your offering solves.

4. Pay attention to the people that talk about your industry.

5. Pay attention to the people that hate your industry.

6. Pay attention to your competition.

7. Pay attention to your customers.

8. Pay attention to your prospects.

9. Pay attention to the offerings you replace.

10. Pay attention to the people you failed.

Recurring theme? (PAY ATTENTION)

This is just a start, but if you are managing to do all this, you will find your habits, pipeline and selling style will all change for the better.

Here is an example of how:

Follow all of your competitors and listen to what they are saying. Watch how others react to what they are saying. If they are hitting on things that resonate, start to think about how you can share similar messages. Look at the people they are resonating with and follow them. Start dialog with the people that react well and perhaps some that react poorly to your competition’s message.

This alone can gain you customers. At Teambox our founder has filters for people asking about any of our competitors. All he does is suggest that they look at our offering. Many of them try our service and when they realize it was our founder that pinged them in the first place, they are in awe.

I will go into more examples and some how to in my next posts.

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