2012 starts with the completion of my engagements with Teambox and Synup. I am excited to finally have the time to complete the eBook on actionable social business intelligence.

I am extremely excited about how the new plan is coming about and wanted to share a couple of items with you today.

1. You can pre-register for the e-book at http://actionsbi.com.  Bookmark the site after signing up. It will become a blog and a whitepaper repository in all things related to Social Sales and actionSBI.

2. Here is the presentation from our talk at Dreamforce 2011.  http://www.slideshare.net/Salesforce/the-social-sales-revolution If you want to learn more about what we presented, feel free to contact me.

A little teaser; here is an excerpt from the eBook:

Social Business Intelligence (SBI) is the organization of data collected from social networks and web 2.0 utlities. It involves pulling status updates, reviews, tweets, QnA and blog posts/comments that relate to a certain subject or product.

The challenge is not in collecting the data as most networks or their 3rd party application partners will let you collect what you want and store it in a database or data file. The challenges are first knowing what to download, teaching your sales team to properly manage this data and using it to increase sales.

The shift sales people need to make with SBI is that they do not have time to wait for the number crunchers to analyze and make suggestions. SBI happens in real time and if acted upon can mean immediate sales spikes. SBI works from triggers where people or groups of people have started  discussing a problem that an offering solves. It is in the now. It allows sales people to interact both at the right time and the right way.Sales people are not used to managing business intelligence. This is usually the chore of an analyst or administrator who then shares their lessons with managers and executives. This is because most business intelligence is derived from internal barometers that allow us to learn where they find sales success and what methods have worked. It commonly studies wins and losses along with other indicators based on experiences and historical data.

So what is actionable SBI?

It is the alert that you need to get into the social networking mix and the information you need to be relevant to the conversation.

Happy 2012 everyone and get ready to hear from me bunches.


It is essential for a sales professional to get a huge number of quality leads in order to widen their market. The advent of new technology has paved way to make this easier for modern sales professionals. There are so many tools, so many platforms, so many softwares, so many websites that a sales professional can utilize to get leads but only one Web 2.0 Application stands out. MyWay Reach is an innovative new service designed to maximize your sales potential by extending your reach within target accounts and territories.

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Speaker Jeanne Glass, Senior Director, Sales Operations, Education & Training, Fair Isaac

Benchmarking being discussed….yes! Miller Heiman did a sales benchmarking analysis for them.

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How does Pelin Wood Thorogood speaks on creating a culture of measurement.

  1. Must be thoroughout the sales and marketing cycle.
  2. Marketing – What are the metrics for campaigns performance
  3. Sales – What are the pipeline performance metrics
  4. Adoption rates? Continue reading »

Dr. Judy Evelyn-Flick discusses slaes process. Here is a snapshot of her presentation, good stuff but you should get her book.

What is sales 2.0 about?

The benefit of Sales 2.0 – What is driving sales change? Continue reading »

Live Person sells the ability to get a live person on chat from your website.

Challenge, not enough prospects. They built an inside sales team but cannot afford to increase it in size.

He pitched Connect and Sell which is an interesting product. I know the product and do not need a demo. Since he is giving the pitch, I will share here.

Connect and Sell has an offshore call center that does your outbound dialing for you. They get soeone on the phone and once they are there, immediately transfer the person to you. It allegedly happens in milliseconds with no lag. Here is what he found: Continue reading »

Some great data for benchmarking and anlysis.

Talked about getting beyond the lead and into the meat of the sales.

Top priorities for Sales Leaders:

  1. Enhance and increase Lead Generation 71% of these have frozen or reduced budgets and 84% have higher revenue goals

Instead, how do you generate opportunities.

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Had to get this in:

A gentleman from Forrester jumped in and presented about the role of the researcher and analyst.

What is Sales?

A set of acitivites?

The people involved?

A proffession?

The top line of the income statement?

The answer to all is yes. Everyone in an enterprise sees this differently. Uses an example of door to door selling as the old way. Paradigms in sales are always moving us to more agile methods of selling (my interpretation).

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Just met another blogger over at http://leadsloth.com,  Jep who will also be live blogging on the conference. I am sitting with him and a sales rep from Gartner who is ironically not writing about the conference.

It is obvious that there are some of the greatest mind in modern selling in this room. The kick-off begins:

David from Genius pitches his new Sales 2.0 for dummies book and thanks us for coming (it is free).

Plugs Gerhart from Selling Power one of the initiators of Sales 2.0. He asks us to stand up and put a hand over our eye, be right back.

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